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Hey there, fellow autumn enthusiasts! If you’re as excited as I am about witnessing the breathtaking autumn colours in Japan this year, you’re in for a treat. The Japan Meteorological Corporation (JMC) has just dropped its first autumn foliage forecasts for 2023, and you won’t want to miss this vibrant spectacle!


Autumn colours at Kegon Falls, Nikko. Photo by Chopsticks on the Loose


Now, before you start packing your bags and booking those tickets, remember that these forecasts are subject to change as we get closer to the big show. So, keep your eyes peeled for updates.


Current Forecasts: Released on 4 Sept 2023



There are more updates on the horizon, with the next forecasts scheduled for early October and early November. This gives you plenty of time to fine-tune your travel plans based on the latest information.



Dates for Japan’s Autumn Foliage Forecast


If you’re a planner like me (or just super excited), mark your calendar for these dates:


Location Yellow Leaves Red Leaves
Sapporo 6 Nov 8 Nov
Aomori 6 Nov 14 Nov
Sendai 29 Nov 27 Nov
Tokyo 25 Nov 30 Nov
Kanazawa 10 Nov 30 Nov
Nagano 14 Nov 22 Nov
Nagoya 18 Nov 2 Dec
Kyoto 27 Nov 11 Dec
Osaka 24 Nov 3 Dec
Wakayama 26 Nov 12 Dec
Hiroshima 20 Nov 28 Nov
Kochi 15 Nov 9 Dec
Fukuoka 27 Nov 9 Dec
Kagoshima 28 Nov 13 Dec


Specific forecasts for particular regions


If you want specific forecasts for particular regions or even points of interest within those regions, you’re in luck. JMC’s website has got you covered. You can dive deep into the nitty-gritty details, including the popularity of a location, the types of foliage you can expect to see, and the predicted prime time for viewing.



Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we’ll unveil the “Top 8 Must-Visit Spots for Fall Colours in Japan.” 🍁 Get ready to fall in love with autumn all over again!


We’ll be posting updates in early October and early November, so be sure to check back here for the latest information.


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