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Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the array of gorgeous designs in our pet collar collection? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back with a handy guide to make choosing the perfect collar for each season a breeze.

In the realm of handmade pet accessories, our collars truly shine by capturing the essence of Japanese seasonal vibes, ensuring your furry friends, both dogs and cats, can flaunt stylish accessories that reflect the beauty of nature all year long. After all, our pets deserve to look fabulous in every season! 🌸🍂


Pet collars: UME, HANAMI, USAGI

Introducing our enchanting Spring Collection, where the season’s magic comes to life in each pet collar. As spring unfolds, nature bursts into a symphony of colours, making it the perfect time to celebrate the joy of new beginnings. Adorn your beloved pet with collars that not only capture the essence of spring but also bring a fresh and stylish touch to your furry friend’s wardrobe.

Our UME pet collar showcases delicate cherry blossoms, embodying the elegance of this iconic flower.

HANAMI and CHŌ pet collars introduce vibrant butterflies, mirroring the lively spirit of the season.

For those who adore soft pink tones and whimsical designs, our USAGI pet collar features adorable leaping bunnies amidst sakura flowers, creating a charming and delightful aesthetic that perfectly complements the springtime vibe.



Dive into the vibrancy of summer with our latest collection, where the sun’s warmth meets the cool embrace of ocean waves in your pet’s wardrobe.

As temperatures rise, our KANAGAWA pet collar and SEIGAIHA pet collar bring the coolness of ocean waves to your pet’s wardrobe.

For those seeking a kawaii look, our ONIGIRI pet collar stands out with its adorable onigiri and panda decoys, adding a touch of kawaii charm.


Pet collars: MOMOJI, BOO!, KITSUNE

As autumn takes center stage, our Autumn Collection brings both warmth and style to your pet’s wardrobe.

Our MOMOJI pet collar, graced with the allure of falling maple leaves, beautifully honours the changing hues of the season.

Explore woodland adventures with our KITSUNE pet collar, highlighting autumn woodland foxes and imparting a delightful touch of seasonal charm to your pet’s wardrobe.

Amidst this seasonal transition, anticipate the upcoming Halloween festivities with the BOO! Halloween pet collar. This collar features adorable ghosts and pumpkins, making it perfect for the season’s spooky celebrations.



Step into the frosty wonder of winter with our captivating Winter Collection. As temperatures dip, it’s an ideal opportunity to deck your furry companions in collars that not only embody the spirit of the season but also infuse a stylish flair into their wardrobe. Picture eye-catching and vivid designs that contrast beautifully with the snowy surroundings.

Introducing our KUMO pet collar, adorned with mesmerising swirly gold metallic clouds. The PīKOKKU pet collar showcases a winter peacock motif, while the ASANOHA pet collar features a starry snowflake-like pattern, bringing the enchantment of winter to your pet’s style.

All Year Round


Looking for a pet collar that is both timeless and adaptable? Our collection also includes designs tailored for those who value enduring beauty throughout the seasons.

Meet our KARAKUSA pet collar – a blend of traditional Japanese design and timeless charm that complements any season. The intricate arabesque patterns pay tribute to the enduring beauty found in nature’s vines, symbolising growth and resilience in Japanese culture. This timeless design is incredibly popular, especially among our Shiba Inu friends!

Exploring beyond our classic designs, you will find playful and unique designs like the SHIBA FANS pet collar and LUCKY SHIBA pet collar, celebrating the beloved Japanese breed. These collars not only add a touch of playfulness but also honour the cultural significance of the Shiba Inu in Japan.

Our handmade pet collars go beyond being mere accessories; they serve as a bridge connecting your pets to the ever-changing beauty of nature. By incorporating traditional Japanese motifs, we aim to celebrate the uniqueness of each season and provide your furry companions with stylish, comfortable, and meaningful accessories that resonate with the spirit of every time of year.

Hope this guide has helped narrow down the selection and you find a design that is perfect for your furry friends 🐾 

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