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Hashii's Doggy Adventures

Best Dog Walks in Guildford: Hashii’s Top 6 Dog-Friendly Trails

Guildford, situated in Surrey, beckons dog owners with its charming countryside and enchanting walks, providing a haven for delightful outings with their beloved furry companions. And who better to guide you through these enchanting spots than Hashii, our Shiba explorer? Join us on a pawsome adventure as we unveil our top six favourite dog friendly trails, each offering stunning views, diverse terrains, and plenty of space for your pups to frolic too!

  1. Chantry Woods: 200 Acres of Serenity and Bluebell Magic

Chantey Woods, spanning 200 acres of ancient woodland and meadows within the Surrey Hills’ Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is a perfect blend of nature and tranquility. In Spring, the forest floor is carpeted with bluebells, creating an enchanting scene straight out of a fairytale. The steady incline of the trail  adds a touch of challenge, and the deep forests away from roads provide a safe haven for dogs like Hashii. Don’t miss the open-field section with its panoramic views of Guildford. In the winter, Grazing cattle add to the picturesque landscape.

Address: Chantry Wood, Guildford GU4 8PZ. There is a small car park along Pilgrims Way though it can become busy during peak times.

  1. The Mount: Paw-fect Picnic Spot with Guildford’s Best Views

For a breathtaking view of Guildford town, make your way to The Mount. The journey kicks off on a spacious hilly field, providing an ideal spot for a leisurely picnic while soaking in the picturesque view of Guildford Castle in the distance. It sets the perfect backdrop for a laid-back afternoon, where we often watch Hashii relishing her freedom to run and make new furry friends. The walk becomes especially enchanting in Autumn when a golden sea of crops graces one side, creating a mesmerising landscape. The scenic route carefully guides you through the hillside, offering ample opportunities for exploration while ensuring Hashii stays on track. The Mount stands out as a convenient and delightful choice that keeps drawing us back again and again.

Address: The Mount, Guildford GU1 4XB. There is no car park at The Mount. On-street parking is available along Wodeland Avenue and surrounding roads (restrictions apply).

  1. Newlands Corner: Sandy Bliss in a Woodland Adventure

A popular choice among dog walkers, Newlands Corner is Hashii’s playground for meeting new friends. The expansive field at the beginning of the walk allows Hashii to run freely and play while remaining easily visible. Hashii’s excitement reaches its peak around St Martha’s Church, where a sandy paradise beckons her to indulge in digging and spinning, creating playful sand tornadoes! Continuing past the church, you’ll find a serene and beautiful woodland walk, providing a peaceful contrast. We love the diverse terrain of this walk, and upon completing the loop back to the car park, a visit to The Plucky Pheasant cafe adds the perfect finishing touch to a delightful day out!

Address: Newland’s Corner, Albury, Guildford GU4 8SE

  1. Whitmoor Common: Woodlands, Shrublands and Ponds Galore

Explore the extensive grounds of Whitmoor Common, presenting ample space for dogs to roam freely. From woodlands to shrublands and ponds, this common is surprisingly not too boggy even after rain. We playfully call it the “Sahara” due to its sandy-like paths in certain sections, providing a unique and enjoyable walking experience for both you and your dogs. The large pond stands out as a highlight, and while Hashii is still mustering the courage to dip her paw in, her sister Ahri can’t resist splashing in the water, prompting Hashii to join in the chase from the sidelines!

Address: Whitmoor Common, 20 Lyons Dr, Guildford GU2 9YP

  1. Box Hill: Iconic River Stepping Stones and Tower Views

A gem within the Surrey Hills, Box Hill is renowned for its breathtaking views and iconic stepping stones. The renowned Broadwoods Tower enhances its charm, creating a popular photography spot. Tailored for more active dogs, this trail presents an eight-mile circular walk, marked by challenging steep ascents, descents into verdant valleys, and an array of steps to conquer. Recently the stepping stones section has been temporarily inaccessible due to essential works, the remaining area is still open for exploration. Stay tuned to the official website for any updates on the stepping stones, and immerse yourself in the unparalleled natural beauty that Box Hill graciously provides.

Address: The Old Fort, Box Hill Road, Tadworth, KT20 7LB. Paid parking but National Trust members park for free. Alternatively, park at Ryka’s café at the bottom of the hill just off the A24 by the Burford Bridge Hotel for free.

  1. Shere: A Village Stroll with Historic Charm

Stepping into the charming village of Shere, famous for The Holiday movie, is like taking a stroll through history. Start your walk from the Shere car park and meander through the village’s trails. Hashii loves the historic ambiance, the charming canals where she says hello to the ducks, and we often stop at the Dabbling Duck cafe for a relaxing break. The village provides a delightful mix of history and natural beauty for a perfect end to your Surrey dog-walking escapade.

Address: Middle Street, Shere, Surrey GU5 9HF. The village car park is located near the reacreation ground: Post Code GU5 9JF.

Guildford is truly a treasure trove of dog-friendly delights just waiting to be discovered. Whether your furry companion adores the serene beauty of Chantry Woods or thrives in the lively atmosphere of Newlands Corner, these spots cater to every canine taste.

We’ll continue sharing more delightful dog walks in Guildford on this blog as we discover new places Hashii adores. If there are any hidden gems or personal favorites we haven’t mentioned, please share them in the comments below! And, of course, if you give any of our suggested walks a try, let us know how it went, and feel free to tag us on Instagram in your doggy adventures! Happy exploring! 🐾 #GuildfordDogWalks

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